Heroes of the Ages: Land of the Rising Sun

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Childhood, and New Beginnings
The First Taste

Beginning as children, the would-be heroes went to the caravans with or without their parents and the young ninjas decided to try to steal things, and failed. The strix captivated his fellow children by his wings, yet they were strangely oblivious to the tengu, who was feathered and beaked. A woman named Lin recruited them into returning her cat Bao to her. Horin Tabonachi spotted a trail of knocked over objects and managed to find the rather rotund cat. The children lifted the heavy animal and went to return it to the woman. On their way back, a man named Chin stopped them and asked them if he could borrow the cat to hunt some rats that managed to get into his cellar. They refused to let him use it, as it was not theirs to use, and returned it to the woman who rewarded them with lucky gold coins, they returned the Chin and took care of the rats and their dire rat leader with a bit of difficulty; enough so that Andrezi sat out over half of the encounters. The young ninjas had more fun than necessary stepping on and jumping about on boxes, after a bit of work, they returned and were payed a small sum of silver. Once they had completed these tasks, an old woman told their fortunes free of charge and noted them to be of great destinies, but too young to realize this, she bade them farewell and asked them to return to her when they completed their training.

Years later, they returned again with money and gear from jobs done during their training, they found the woman again, who gave them a weapon each. She smiled and told them that they were about to get their first assignment. Within a few minutes, a foreigner named Roderick approached them and asked them if they were looking for work. They agreed and he asked them to investigate a string of break-ins, the most recent was Chin’s shop, multiple times. They returned to the cellars and found some rat holes in his shop, which they decidedly set a trap against for the night. During the night, they fought against a small army of rats and dire rats. They returned to Roderick and he noted that the rats couldn’t have been able to break into the boxes and siphon liquids off of barrels, he asked if they would continue the task and, after paying them a sum of 490 gold for the rats, they agreed. Though they did much better than as kids, they still had trouble with one rat in particular, and two were bitten by the larger dire rats.


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